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Certain Women is an invitational exhibition, unique in that it exclusively features the work of Latter-Day Saint women artists. We seek to showcase our unique perspectives as women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and highlight the diverse artistry of our collective. Knowing that our voices are stronger together than they are apart, we unite our voices in order to amplify our influence. By offering first-person narratives, we aim to overcome pervasive stereotypes. We are women of vision who act deliberately—we are thoughtful, strong, and certain.

This Year's theme (2019) is Statements of Purpose


While speaking to the women of the Church this fall, President Nelson encouraged us to:

“ . . . study the current Relief Society purpose statement. It is inspiring. It may guide you in developing your own purpose statement for your own life.”


We invited 90 artists to develop a purpose statement for her own life, and create a new work of art for this show that conveys that purpose.

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L. Aerin Collett - Allie Zeyer - Amy Tolk Richards - 

Andi Pitcher Davis - Angela Reichman - Anna Laurie Mackay 

Anne Gregerson - Anne Marie Oborn - Annette Whitaker Everett - Annie Poon - Bethanne Anderson - Brenda Lovell - Brittany Scott - Brooke Smart - Caitlin Connolly - Cambria Evans Christensen - Camille Wheatley - Carin Fausett - Cassandra Barney - 

Corinne Geertsen - Courtney Vander Veur Matz - Cynthia Clark - 

Elise Wehle - Elizabeth Crowe - Elizabeth Rast Stanley - Emilia Wing - Emily Carruth Fuller - Emily Dyches Pugmire - Emily King - 

Emily Fox King - Emily McPhie - Erin Meads - Esther Hi’ilani Candari - Glenda Gleave - Jacqui Biggs-Larsen Jane Anne Woodhead - 

Janell James - Jaquilyn Shumate Jeanne Gomm - Jenedy Paige - 

Jenna Von Benedikt - Jennah Larsen - Jennifer Barton - Jen Tolman - Joy Gough Judith McConkie - Julia Bringhurst Blake - Julie Rogers

Karalenn Smart Hippen - Katherine Ricks - Katrina Berg

- Kerri Hammond - Kirsten Holt Beitler - Kwani Povi Winder 

- Laura Erekson - Laura Lee Bradshaw - Laurie Lisonbee - Leslie Graff - Linda Curley Christensen - Linda Etherington - Linnie Brown

Lisa DeLong - Lynde Mott - Maggie Golightly Haslam

Malynda Cooper - Mary Brickey - Mary Sauer

Megan Knobloch Geilman - Megan Trueblood - Mel Scott

Nicole Woodbury - Page Turner - Paige Anderson - Pam Bowman - Rebecca Klundt - Rose Datoc Dall - Sabrina Jill - Samantha Long - Sandra B Rast - Sandra Dunbar - Sarah Richards Samuelson - 

Shari Lyon - Sharyl Meyers Adamson - Shushana Rucker - 

Stephanie Kelly Clark - Tonya Vistaunet - Valerie Atkisson