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will run from September 30th - November 13th

Hosted by the Zion Art Society

Anthony's Antiques and Fine Art

401 E 200 S

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

M-F 10:00a-5:30p

Sat 10:00a-5:00p

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Lecture: Eve and Her Mother

OCTOBER 22, 6:30PM - 8:00PM

with Valerie Hudson





Certain Women is an invitational exhibition, unique in that it exclusively features the work of Latter-Day Saint women artists. We seek to showcase our unique perspectives as women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and highlight the diverse artistry of our collective. Knowing that our voices are stronger together than they are apart, we unite our voices in order to amplify our influence. By offering first-person narratives, we aim to overcome pervasive stereotypes. We are women of vision who act deliberately—we are thoughtful, strong, and certain.


We've asked this year's participating artists to create a brand new piece of art based on the theme: Reflections on a Mother in Heaven. This theme not only suggests that we are thoughtfully reflecting upon our Divine Feminine Creator, but that we also reflect qualities of Her as women, as creators, and as daughters of Heavenly Parents. With this theme, we intend to gently and clearly bring this distinct and cherished doctrine of a Heavenly Mother to the fore, to humbly seek for further light and knowledge about Her attributes, and to reflect on these truths together through the unique perspectives of many inspired women.

Mission Statement


Abigail Berg ● Abigale Palmer ● Alisha B Whitman ●  

 ● Andi Pitcher Davis ● Annalee Wood ● Annette Everett ● Anne Gregerson ● Annie Poon ● Ashley Baker ● Beki Tobiasson ● Bethanne Anderson ●  Brittany Scott ● Brittany Soucy ● Brooke Bowen ●Brooke Smart ● Cambria Evans Christensen ● 

Camille Wheatley ● Carin Fausett ● Carol Byington Johnson Cassandra C. Barney ● Cathy Erdmann ● Charity Anderson ●  Chelsy Walker ● Courtney Vander Veur Matz ● Crystal Despain ● Crystal Suzanne Close ● Cynthia Lewis Clark ●

Danielle Hatch ● Downy Doxey-Marshall ● Elizabeth Crowe ● Elizabeth Matthews ●  Emilia Wing ● Emily C. McPhie ●

Emily Carruth Fuller ● Emily Erekson ● Emily Fox King ● 

Emily Hawkins ● Emily King ● Erin Meads ● Esther Hi'ilani Candari ● Eva Koleva Timothy ● Georgina Bringas ●

Gifty R. Annan-Mensah ● Ginger Dall Egbert ● Hanna Choi ● Heather Graham ● Heidi Moller Somsen ● Jeanne Gomm ● Jenedy Paige ● Jenna Conlin ● Jennifer Babcock ●

Jennifer Barton ● Jennifer Paget ● Jen Tolman ● 

Jessica Hernandez ● Jolynn Forman ● Joni R. Neal ●

Joy Gough ● Judith McConkie ● Judy Gustafson ●

Julia Bringhurst Blake ● Julie Yuen Yim ● Kaisa Lee ● 

Kalani Tonga ● Karalenn Smart Hippen ● Karissa Strate ●

Kate Johnson ●  Kathryn Knudsen ● Katie Garner ● Katie Willes ● Katrina Madsen Berg ● Kayla Gardinier ● Kirsten Beitler

Kirsten K. Campbell ● Kwani Povi Winder ● Laura Erekson ●

Laura Lee Stay Bradshaw ● Lauren Walke ● Laurie Lisonbee ●   Leslie Duke ● Leslie Graff ● Linda Vance Etherington ●   Lindsay Ruiz ●   Linnie Brown ● L. Aerin Collett ● Lisa DeLong ● Lisa Draper ● Liz Harris ● Louisa Mae Hunter ● Lynde Mott ●   Lynette Oberg ● Madeline Lytle ● Maggie Golightly Haslam ●   Malynda Cooper ● Mary Brickey ● MaryAnn Free Smith ● McArthur Krishna ●  Megan Knobloch Geilman ● Megan Rieker ● Megan Trueblood ●  Melissa Jane Gallo ● Michelle Gessell ● Mya Cluff ●  Nancy Andruk Olson ● Nicole Woodbury ●

Paola Bidinelli ●  Rachel Crockett Smith ● Rachel Godfrey ● Rachel Thomander ● Rebecca Jessee ● Rebecca Klundt ● Rebecca Knudsen ●   Rose Datoc Dall ● Sabrina Jill ●

Samantha Long ●  Sandra Dunbar ● Sarah Ashley Peterson ● Sarah Winegar ●  Shari King ● Shari Lyon ●

Sharyl Myers Adamson ●  Shelley Mendenhall Detton ● Shushana Rucker ● Stacy Weitz Minch ● Stephanie Hock ● Stephanie Kelly Clark ●   Susana Isabel Silva ● Sydney Snow ● Theresa Otteson ● Tonya Vistaunet ● Tracy Ann Holmes ● 

Valentyna Musiienko Vasylyeva ● Whitney Johnson ●





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